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Tensioned Fabric Structures


Creating Design We Design Tensioned Fabric Structures

Membrane Structures, Shade Sail, Tensioned Fabric Roof, Tensioned Fabrice Awning


This form of Tensioned Fabric Structures is specially designed for pool, sand pit, terrace, walkways, Sidewalk, Cafe, Car Park and etc.

Excellent in design, engineering, fabrication and installation, these pre-assembled products offer high quality and durability. Pre-assembled shade structures are easy to install, easy to maintain and easy tomainrain. These products are durable, versatile and can withstand high wind loads There are available in various shapes and sizes.



Horizontal and Vertical Awning

Light weight Membrane Structures, Shade Sail, Tensioned Fabric Roof, Tensioned Fabric Awning


Just turn of crank or a touch of a button your beautiful Retractable Fabric Awning will extend to expand your living space while providing the cool comfort of your favorite shade tree.

With Marine Grade Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric or Ferrari Soltis 86/92 reinforced high tensility polyester core sunscreens, you are sure to find the one for your new Retractable Awnings or Umbrellas





Roll Up Sunshade / Weather Blind / Roller Blind / Venetian / Wooden Blind


Keep out the sun, wind and rain while maintaining the view of the surrounds, protect your outdoor eating area, furniture and plants, Our motorized or manual shading solutions softena home's appearance while controlling light, glare, and heat exposure at the push of a button or turn of a crank


you'll protect valuable home possesions from solar damage by blocking up to 99% of harmfull UV rays. You'll increase energy savings and enjoy greater privacy with shades that can reduce air conditioning loads by up to 60%


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